A Space Thing
  • Okay, I've got to ask. Where did he get the hat from?

    • nunser

      McDonalds sends hats to space in regurlar basis. The hope is that aliens find them and wear them, that way when they come to conquer the Earth, McDonalds will already be sponsoring them. It's a foolproof campaign: "Buy our products and don't get murder today * small print * (we don't make guarantees for the future)"

      • This has been an informative roller coaster. Thank you.

  • Fulano

    Space Snake mini comic!!! Please! 🙂


  • Morgan

    Funny, I was just walking around being Important NASA Guy yesterday! Such a fabulous shirt.

    I love you Space Snake, I hope you make enough to pay rent

  • I can't tell if that's Space Snake saying "AWESOME!" or if it's just a friendly artist's note. Either way, I agree.

  • Rachel

    Yes to more space snake!!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    The history and origin of Space Snake – I'd read that, and share it with all my friends!

  • Stan

    This is the first time important nasa guy has been on board with space snake actually working for NASA. In the past he's just seen him as a waste of time and money.

    • Tyler

      Well, technically he did ask them to call on Space Snake when that telescope was having trouble…but I don't think that incident, in the end, raised Important NASA Guy's opinion of Space Snake all that much

  • SockmoSisie

    I wonder why this website is called invisible bread. I like it.

  • Of course I would like a side of Phil Collins. If only it was Burger King you were working at. D: