A Little Extra
  • nunser

    Where will he put that letter to send it?! o.o

  • Oraticus

    This is the truth! Apparently a graph of hours of sleep on the x-axis compared to quality of rest on the y-axis will almost always lead to a bell curve. The art of it all is knowing where that optimal point is. I think this is a job for graph guy!

  • Nonny

    I agree, graph guy might have the answer here.

    But then again, he's gotta remember to consider another issue. What about people (like me) who attempt this that suddenly become wide awake and/or toss and turn, unable to sleep, until some late-late-late hour? I mean, I usually go to bed at 12…if I try to go earlier ( !!EVEN IF I'M TIRED!! ) I'm suddenly pumped and unable to sleep! Sometimes, my body is mean enough to even get sleepy again if I try to get up and use that energy! So fickle! ;-P

    • Natalie

      Different people have different biological clocks. Yours is probably night owl, maybe you could have your shower, lay out your clothes, and do your routine before you go to sleep, so you can sleep more in the morning.

  • Why'd you stop with Single Panel Wednesdays, Justin?

    • It's been a very very busy 3 weeks. They should come back soon.

  • i never have enough sleep it seems :O

  • Moosh

    Your brain keeps track of your sleep deficit for up to 2 weeks or so. Sleeping extra for one night won't help much, if at all. That's what I've read, anyway.

  • It will neeever be enough. I had a 7 year sleep debt that's taken me 2 years to get pretty close to eliminating.

  • Robert

    There are so many strips in this comic you're drawing that hits right home for me. I recognize so many situations here it's almost creepy. I'm so glad I found this webcomic of yours! Keep doing what you do!