Xbox On
  • You should wear this shirt, so people that haven't seen you outside the website will recognize you.

    • I actually do own this shirt! I only wear it for conventions since I don't wanna wear it out too fast.

  • Otto Bob Otto

    Left arm. Bonus Panel. Ouch.

  • (I don't own an XBox so don't get mad if I'm wrong)

    I see that it doesn't have a Kinect in this comic, that or it's because the Kinect isn't that good anymore.

  • Aimee

    XBox seems to respond better if you talk like you're a frat brother. Carefully articulating every word doesn't seem to help.

    • When I want my Xbox to turn off, I always say "turn down for what" and it always understands and turns off.

      So yes, that seems to be the only way to talk to my teenaged Xbox. *sigh*

  • (insert name here)

    really? my Xbox was moved to my bedroom, but my kinect stayed in the living room, so, I can't remember this problem.

  • (insert name here)

    Also my computer is in its teenage years. you can imagine how much fun THAT is

  • Deniz

    Sometimes the xbox completely shuts down. I think it's set for after 8 hours of inactivity. It's a pretty easy setting to change to make it so it never shuts all the way down so no matter how long you take between gaming sessions, you can always command your little black box.

  • sirscribble

    So true my Xbox won't even recognize me! (And it's the Xbox One)

  • It's a direct taunt on teenager but looks like to cute and innovative in itself, Such a unique and creative concept you got on this post..

  • ApersonthatSaysXD

    XD wow i get it

  • Jimmy Mccallion