• PieMan2201

    I don't think I've ever actually listened to an audiobook. I prefer reading with pages.

  • Random Person

    No bonus panel?

    You're slacking, Justin.

    • Dude… There is…

      Dude… There is…

      • redheadhomes

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  • Had to look at this for a few before I realized that was a wire coming from the device, and not his arm doing some weird curvy thing.

    • Actual

      Why did he detach his cybernetic implant from the headphones in the second panel?

      • merealestatelinks

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  • xXSPMCXx

    aw man! I live in Toronto but the only 2 weeks I go back to Chicago you come to Toronto :/ Oh well, hopefully I will meat you someday in person! 😀

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  • Confused Unicorn

    Where usually a bonus panel is?

    • We can't tell you…but it has something to do with INVISIBLE BREAD ;D

      • lunargold-s

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    • I line Penguins

      lower-right space in the white box, above "newest"

  • No, I LIKE Penguins

    I just changed my name!


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  • Laugeo

    I bet the next thing he says will be, "these words really tell a story I can relate to!"

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  • Laugeo

    Love the bonus panel


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  • Anonymouse

    I once listen to an audio book in shuffle mode 🙁

    • rfid-fashio

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  • axioz

    I love the audios from Feenix WoW, particulary the cataclysm expansion, and that's why i came here in first place – searching for wow music. I feel cheated now (by the title of the post), haha 🙂

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