Start Of Classes
  • Caebray

    That's my math class

    • Newinterwebber

      The high school I will attend next year has a legitimate elective about naps, and they way the body responds to them

  • Stanfrompan

    Is the prof wearing a v-neck sweater?

  • arghdos

    Even better after reading the bonus panel 🙂

  • Octothorpe

    Hey Justin, welcome my sister if you could.

    P.S. She's one of the one of the students comming to your not-so-small college town. 😀

  • Mythril

    Sounds like the class for me! Where do I sign up! 😀

    I bought this t-shirt a while ago, it is slightly relevant:

  • at my high school, my teachers could apply for what classes they wanted to teach the next year. My social studies teacher always was applying to teach 'advanced snacks and naps' or 'underwater basket weaving.' I hear his application was always fun reading in the office.

    • That guy

      ‘Underwater Basket Weaving’? Do I smell an XKCD reference?

  • ALWS

    Dang it, should have signed up for this one.

  • Void

    This is actually a thing.
    No, really.

  • Anonymouse

    That kid with the dark blue shirt in middle panel was the expert in that class XD

  • Corrin Belliveau

    A recent study shows that students don't want to engage their selves in lengthy educational procedure. Less than 40% students want to go college on regular basis to attend traditional classes.

  • Madame Kagamine

    I really want to join this class. You know, just to get another nap in the morning before actual school starts.

    • Madame Kagamine

      I sleep in bed, sleep in the tub, and then I’d sleep in this class. ^-^