Alarm Sounds
  • Laugeo

    We all wish we could be Dream Me.

  • arghdos

    I'm not quite sure how you're alive after those hamburgers.

    Must be the preservative powers of Monster

    • Interesting Fact: I ate both of those in the same day. One for lunch and one for dinner.

      • Izzy

        H-how? ;-; My body is dying just looking at them. xD

    • Actual

      It looks fairly healthy, as long as you substitute 10-20 leaves for every patty.

    • Burgers have all the food groups, they're uber good for you. and the meat is usually lean as balls.
      My dreamself always woke up late, couldnt tell what time it was, and dawdled around getting later and later. my real self always dragged himself to work no matter how much it hurt.. thank god i don't have to do either anymore.

  • Oraticus

    Dream me reminds me a lot of Emmett from the Lego movie…

    *sings* Everything is awesome… Everything is cool when you're part of a team…

    • sam

      #best comment ever

  • Dan

    I can see the top one says Wendy's, but what is the bottom one from?

    • Bottom one is four McDoubles because I'm not gross or anything.

      • Mythril

        I must try this!

        ..for science, of course.

  • καtrmr

    my mind is too weak… I can't imagine the physics of getting those burgers into one's mouth

  • Parco21

    Mustache Dad doesn't need to wish. He IS the dream.

  • Cow_k

    Do you order those burgers like that or self construct? Dunno how those fit in a wrapper…

    • I end up putting those together myself. I don't think I could construct a sentence for the employees that would result in the burger I wanted 100% of the time.

  • Madame Kagamine

    My Dream Me is a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence. No joke. .-.

  • Jinori

    i actually really like the first part!!
    it’s just like
    you don’t need a pep talk or motivation or energy. all you need to do is get up witha positive attitude and do it!!!! and although i understand that wasnt the aim of the punchline, i still found this comic to be oddly uplifting, in a way. thank you justin!