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    Yeah!! You're Back!! Glad You're Feeling Better!!

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  • Tiny Elvis

    Love the bill and ted pose!

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      it’s excellent

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    Welcome back!

  • I just realized nowhere on this page does it say what day the comic was posted.
    I forgot to check yesterday. The only way I could be sure that you posted this yesterday was that you clarified in your comicomments that tomorrow was Wednesday.

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  • SockmoSisie

    Invisible Bread is Awesome!

  • Perhaps I should include your comic strip in our Gift Baskets! You are so adorably funny. Thanks for this!

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  • Yeah!! You're Back!! Glad You're Feeling Better!!. I Love the bill and ted pose!

  • that sly kid. haha i enjoyed your site! thanks! I was looking for food ideas for gift baskets then I landed here 😀