An Opinion
  • niko

    I didn't get it till I read the bonus panel.

    • deg1377

      There… There are BONUS PANELS?!?

      Now I must archive binge.

      • MissEvitts

        Do you know where to look? There's a slice of Invisible Bread (get it? cause that's the name of the comic? yeah, it's cool) at the bottom right corner of each comic. On this one, it's on the ".com" part of ""

  • Dan

    What a jerk! He stole her opportunity to be The Treat Giver.

    • Dave Harmon

      Tell me about it… Mom was bribing my sister’s dogs with cheese from day one. So when we go over there, they rush right past me to greet her….

  • PieMan2201

    Not related, but does anyone know if there's an Invisible Bread wiki (like explainxkcd for xkcd) that has the transcript of each comic?

  • BreadCrumbs

    Is that… Wendel?

  • OMG I LOVE Glass Cloud!!! How did you manage to meet them?

    • Just saw this comment, ahh! Glass Cloud is definitely my mega favorite band right now.

      They were hanging out after the show at the bar next to the venue, so I bought a couple rounds of drinks for them to show my appreciation. Ended up chatting with them for a few hours, so that totally rocked. The next time Glass Cloud came though town, the lead singer put me on the guest list and then after the show, we went bowling with him and his road crew. That was a lot of fun =)