• parahelionzenith

    Heh, that is actually pretty clever, but also rather creepy.

  • skeeto

    Why is he holding the phone up to his head? Is he expecting someone to answer his phone?

    • Gotta make sure it's ringing!

    • I think he's having a conversation with his voicemail.

  • Nunser

    Well, the girl got the last word, that appears to be her calculator in the second panel. Creepiness averted.

  • cmw427

    If she has a phone why does she need to borrow his?

    • Otto Bob Otto


      • Zero


    • Laugeo

      He's using her phone to find his. By calling his phone with hers, he now has her phone number in his recents.

  • koniiiik

    …until he finds out the lady has caller ID restriction enabled. d-:

  • That's creepy

    Talk about male entitlement and lack of respect for women's consent, sheesh.

    • Yeah, that dude's gotta work on his not creepin' skills; he doesn't even realize how creepy he is.

    • Honestly, his actions come from nativity and not malice. That's how I viewed the red-shirted character there. He just has no clue how to get a girls number and no clue that you shouldn't get it like that.

      • That's creepy

        hey, Justin, I lost my phone…

    • taW

      Chill out.

  • Martin


  • Nan

    When I read the last panel my stomach dropped in a pit and I'm still not okay. After reading the comments I can see that he's not being approved of, it's just, people do this. A lot. And get angry. And threaten you and it's very scary. Many of my friends have been victims of this just for being nice and trying to help and it makes it difficult to want to help or trust people again if the possible result is having your personal safety compromised by a predator.

  • Nan

    …second post, wanted to note the extra creepy from noticing that "That's clever!" is ranked up and "That's creepy!" is ranked down. Who the heck is voting that!?

    • User100

      Get over yourself. It's a comic strip. I came here for light entertainment, not emotional wrangling.

      • Nan

        Omfg. "I'm not upset, so why are you?" And you're telling ME to get over myself. Loool. Empathy is a learned trait, apparently.

        • Bill

          Whereas pretentiousness is clearly something you were born with.

    • taW

      Some people just can't separate fiction from real life.

  • ThousandSunny

    I left a comment on how did they even become friends

  • While I appreciate the cleverness, I too am concerned that people may get the wrong impression from this comic. It seems like there should be another scenario that you can use to illustrate the same clever idea.

    I love the comic. Keep up the generally good stuff!

  • Dodamath

    How has nobody thought of this before?