Wake Up
  • the present is also weird…

    • neurofuzzy

      If you didn't like it you could have just told me…

    • Cakeface

      How true

  • Morgan

    I kinda wish I lived in a world that believed Nyan Cat was real

  • Jill

    Subject Zero? Shouldn't he be covered in tattoos? And be a lady?

    • Justsomerandomdude

      Also lacking Biotic abilitys

  • fasd47

    The bonus panel is even funnier in 2015

  • 4955

    Wow this comic is much more terrifying starting today.

    • Justin Boyd


  • James Wallaby

    Man, living in 2016 is pretty bleak…

  • Dave Harmon

    The shocking part is he woke up in 2020. Remember when that was the distant future?