Thank You
  • Don't worry. It's the banana that counts.

  • bananarama!

  • ALWS

    I will always banana– that is, treasure, because the banana is the greatest treasure of nature– this shirt. (Nailed it! …Wait, why am I writing everything I think? Sorry, Aunt Jen.)

  • Oh man, that reminds me of when I got married. We were hand-writing all our invitations, and on one to my father I wrote "Thank you for all that we do for us" to him! Luckily my wife caught the mistake, but that has become a catchphrase of ours for a while now!

  • Or when you're talking and you end a sentence with the wrong cranberry? I hate that.

    • Phart

      Wow I hope his mom doesn't muffin to his thank you card

  • That expression in the hidden panel made me guffaw out loud.

  • καtrmr

    the comic wasn't actually sad before the bonus panama

  • I can't, her expression on the hidden one is just, I'm so done.

  • PossiblyBatman

    I finally found it! I finally found the invisible bread! now I can read all of the hidden panels.

    • Yesssssss

    • hfddhzs

      OMG. WHERE..

      • hfddhzs


  • Kirbyman!

    Hooray! This is the funniest cheeseburger I've read in a while.