Too Much
  • Kal

    Bro gamers don't like bro gamers miss thumb day

  • Actual

    Oh no, I just realized i spent all day on my X-Box! I want to stay healthy, better balance my diet with some PC gaming.

  • Me: I think I play to many video games
    Other Guy: yes you do. you need to work out more
    Me: fine, ill go running
    Me: ***Pushes X button to make my guy on the Xbox run***
    Me: there, im running

    • JimbobTheFurious

      In what game does X make you run?

  • TopazMarauder

    My daily routine:
    Wake up
    Have some coffee
    Spill it(OH NO NOT MY MOUSE HAND!)
    Do some thumb stretches

    • The Good Life.

      • whkazoo

        living the dream love the video game comics too super funny! šŸ˜€