By Dre
  • kktkkr

    Visible Bread! Aww yiss!

  • HotSam Oht

    Why is there so many visible breads all over the place?

    • Oraticus

      Think carefully… what day is it today?

      • HotSam Oht

        Ooh I get it!!

        I feel so stupid…

  • HotSam Oht

    Red shirt guy's face in the last panel looks like ._. except the _ is more of a smile.

  • arghdos

    all this bread is giving me flashback of BEEEES!

  • Oraticus

    Everyone knows that rutabagas have far superior acoustic qualities than beets.

  • arghdos

    clearly, for further reference (

  • Bread
  • Lordbafford
  • Octothorpe

    tooo mmmmaaaanny breeeeaadddss!!!! *brain overloads

  • haha yay 😀

  • Pop

    You aim to disappoint justin. Jk

  • Actual

    Can somebody help me find the bonus panel?

    • HotSam Oht

      See the image being spammed all over the page?

      Now don't press that.
      Press ""
      If the image is there when you hover over that, then you have a virus in the system.

  • Kirbyman!

    Ummmmmm reds face in the last panel.


  • Guharfuh

    You should make a bookmarklet that allows the visible bread to invade other web pages

  • Reavyn

    I can't find the comic!

  • Punster

    Sugar beets sound even sweeter!

  • Kyle

    Haha, I love the beets pun and the visible breads. This reminds me of your awesome prank last april fool's (I think, the one with all the ads in the comics) ;D

  • Awesome IB comic, as always. Reminded me of this thing I saw several months ago:

  • Madame Kagamine