A Problem In Space
  • HotSam Oht

    "Duh, I used my tail."

  • kktkkr

    I've looked at the second panel countless times, and I still don't know why that guy's lying on a carpet of pizzas.

    • Torchwood

      I thought they were pancakes. Usually pizzas have toppings. Unless, of course, they are upside-down pizzas.

      • I know the answer, but I'll let everyone else decide =)

        • Mr. Fancypants

          They're obviously pita breads…and he made a pita bed! 🙂

        • Are they tan coloured Roombas and it's a slow day at the office?

  • of course they are pancakes. team pancakes!!

    • Dan

      It is the right color shirt.

  • Lordbafford

    He's Laying on the Pizza Pancakes because the floor is lava

  • Morgan

    I'm going to assume this comic is just for me, just because I mentioned Space Snake at ECCC.

    Also: Team Pancakes

    • You definitely reminded me that I needed to draw up a Space Snake comic, so thank you!

      • Morgan


  • Azalea

    Hahaha, I love Space Snake! I had a dream last night that I had to go to Saturn for some reason. I'll assume it was to meet Space Snake.

  • For a moment I thought Justin had drawn ING with a really long nose. Cannot unsee.


    Hmm… How about tortillas?


    Gotta love a snake with eyebrows.