In Public
  • That is the most amazing first panel ever.
    And, of course, "duurrrr" is always fun. In fact, if the comic had ended after three panels, it wouldn't have much of a resolution, but probably would have been hilarious.

    • XD I can't help but agree with that!

  • Morgan

    That map is… not the best. What floor will you be on?

    • I'll be on the 4th floor, which I believe is the main show floor. Go up those escalators and hang two rights and I'm in that areaplace.

      I'll see you there!

      • Octothorpe

        :'( It's so far away. I wish I could go though.

      • Pop

        Being 12 years old and all, where is emerald city comicon located exactly? I know I won't be allowed to go to comicon for another 4 years but I was just wondering.

        • It's in downtown Seattle in the convention center.

  • who doesnt like free pizza? 😀

  • MaskedGuy

    This is how i make new friends xD plus pizza 😀

  • warmie

    so sweet my tooth is aching

  • Kurt

    Now try not get a boner.

  • Floppy

    Good Morning Justin,
    as far as I'm aware you get comments on older comics to so hopefully it reaches you because I have a question and the answer to it will most likely decide about life and dead!

    I'm just read a bunch of your comics … for research purposes of course …. otherwise it would never happen at work!

    But after this one including free pizza and a prior one with the hot dog pun *still snickering* i have a really important, life altering question.
    Do you guys have Hot-Dog Pizzas overe there? (over there meaning in the US).

    PS: I'm german so I apologize for bad english and typos.

    PPS: I just remembered the applebies joke with the first date … just to make sure i get it, applebies is not that fancy right? We don't have it here. At least not that I know of. Well …. I never leave my apartment except for work … so what do I know.

    • Poopy McGee

      Pizza Hut has a hotdog pizza. It has way too many calories.

  • Poopy McGee

    The first day of school is always like this.

  • That One Guy

    Don’t you mean AlEx?