Dog Stuff
  • tuddster

    So this is what happened to your derpdog 🙂

  • I vote that Justin should make more Wendell gifs. *nod*

    • I agree!

      • Oh gosh. The big guy acknowledged my presence in a comments thread.

        Oh me, oh my.

        [Flustering intensifies]

    • HotSam Oht

      "Should I make more Wendell gifs, Wendell?"

      (Wendell barks twice, nods his head, and shakes his tail)

      "I don't know what that means, so I'll make more Wendell gifs! That cool?"

      (Wendell thinks YESSSSSS!!!!)

  • Morgan

    I'll be there! We'll have another great chat about Space Snake like last year, it will be goodtimes

    • Yesssssss!

      • Pop

        I really wish I could go to comicon, but my cousin (who goes to comicon sometimes) says I shouldn't go because I'm 12 and I'll get lost. Any advice on how to convince him I can go?

  • oh man oh man. i'm going to find out how much it is because comic cons hooray
    what do you even do at a con i've never been to one

  • Person


  • Lord In Heaven

    And here it is. Last Invisible Bread comic I will ever read. Be less lame Justin. Use your comic power for good, not evil.

    • I've always been using my comic powers for maximum good! Sad to hear that you don't enjoy them anymore =( May you find a comic out there that better suits your comic preferences!

    • l1742

      How… How could you? Invisible Bread is amazing!
      *squish hugs Invisible Bread.*
      To each their own, I guess.

  • je correspondre avec tous les membres du wu tang clan

  • Kurt

    Corgis are cute, right?