Gaming Changes
  • This took me weeks to overcome. The downside after that? Going back to corded retro gaming and forgetting your controller isn't wireless. Consoles and hard floors don't mix well :/

  • User100

    Useful life skill, nothing to be ashamed of.

  • SuperFiver

    I did the worst thing when I first had my 360, I would flip the controller in the air to catch with the cord… oh wait, wheres the cord.

  • Pop

    My cousin is kinda old. He used to have 2 N64 controllers. 1 was his friends' and the other his. He also has a younger cousin I play with. We used to play star fox 64 ALL the time. I would die and rage so much.

    • Ivan

      how old is “kinda old?”

      Just wondering, since I once had a generic Atari Pong. I also once had the ping-pong paddle with a long rubber band stapled to it, and a ball at the other end of the rubber band.

      I also had a bike with one gear and no handbrakes.

      • Pop


        • No0ne

          And a tear was shed by anyone born in the 1990s

          Seriously, OLD?

  • i vastly prefer cords.. firstly, how far can you get from the tv? secondly, rechargers are ass in the butt.

    • Ivan

      ass in the butt…

      You just created the next porn genre.

      I can only imagine ONE STAR for the premiere debut! KIRK!

  • i do the same thing, i feel like a complete moron lol! 😀

  • meklu

    Cords have better latency.

  • Ivan

    but… but… he’s in prison! Do they have game boxes in ‘The Big House!” ??

  • BeepBoopPEWPEW

    I like cords because if little kids want to play with you, you can use the "p2" trick (giving them the controller and not plugging it in).

    Also, hi everyone!

  • Chan Ventis

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  • AmanV

    Hello Everyone

  • Nostalgia! lol

  • Nathan

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    Try using a Wii classic controller pro and putting the wiimote by your feet.

    Or try to get an NES Classic Edition somehow