Venture Capital
  • I love this comic. You might understand how surprised I was to read this when I founded a startup funded by a VC called Adventure Capital 😀

  • Social Networking Jetpacks. Next up: Social Netwoking flying Cars.

  • John

    I would give to a "Social Deathmatch" kickstarter.
    Particularly if one of the rewards allowed you to nominate any one of your 'Friends' for the 'Adventure into the Afterlife'.

  • Oraticus

    I bet the coders for the U.S. healthcare website used this kind of coding methodology… and just didn't finish before they got to the bottom.

  • Sir Library Eater

    I thought Mr. Businessmanguy had a raccoon tail in the last panel.

  • ThousandSunny

    Wow, Mr. Businessmanguy has a magic tie that can stay right side up, even when upside-down!!!

  • IceBucks1234

    he DID build the new social network – ADVENTUREBOOK

  • Stickman44

    My Dreams Are Usually Like this I Just Jump Off A Cliff and Wait to die…