The Railing
  • Oraticus

    Ah… at first I didn't get the punchline, but then I realized that the railing was different in the last panel, and comic-Justin was standing next to just a depression in the ground and not the open 2nd floor balcony walkway overlooking the 1st floor that he was at previously.

    I often wonder how'd I'd fair if I jumped from the second floor to the first floor in the mall as well. I mean, why else would you remove 60% of the walkway on the second floor unless you were expecting people to make dynamic action parkour jumps that ended with fancy tumbles into the entrance of Pottery Barn?

    • The Fancy Tumbler

      I always enter Pottery Barn with a fancy tumble, just in case.

  • :3Epic

    Besides the height change, The 1st floor rail looks more dangerous… the rails aremuch more spaced-out than the second floor rail… a small child could slip through easily! Or, a man or woman could squish through if they had no piece of mind…

  • robobattery

    lol clueless
    heights are evil 😡

  • I have had
    SO MANY NIGHTMARES about dangling/falling off railings.

  • Sir Library Eater

    If I ever own a mall, I'm putting in big safety cushions so you CAN jump from one floor to the other without needlessly finding escalators or elevators. And also because it's fun.

  • robobattery

    i think one of the worst sounds for someone whos afraid of heights is the sound of a rollercoaster going up.. and up … and up T_____T wahhhh >_<

  • Mythril

    Scumbag brain!

    Anyways ground floor railings can be dangerous too. At an amusement park I once saw a guy getting picked up by an ambulance, and I'm pretty sure it was because he was trying to jump over a railing and ended up falling in a bad way!

  • Octothorpe

    One time me and my siblings were climbing this big rope ladder like thing for little kids in Six Flags. Every so often, we would see an area to the right or left of us that was patched up. We freaked out just slightly.

  • loopadoopzoop

    I have never seen Clueless. To what scene is he referring?

  • Cara

    No one ever understand when I make Clueless references, so happy someone understands!

  • Poop

    The railing just turned red in the last panel.

  • awesome post

  • Golnerfive55

    I can’t even watch other people get close to falling off like that, for I too imagine them falling.