The Interview
  • I think you have a unique definition of the word "fun"

  • Humphrey

    What does he do for a Christmas Tree then if he would never do anything to a pine?

    • He temporarily moves his house to be around a living pine tree in a forest somewhere.

    • Fulano

      Lots of people use juniper trees as alternatives, but I like Justin's answer better!

  • Zera3

    Whew! I was wondering if they had thumbs!

  • Oraticus

    My grandma was 2/3 pine too… 2 pine prosthetic legs, 2 pine prosthetic arms, pine dentures (adhered via sap), and pine cochlear implants. The splinters always made her super irritable, but she always smelled quite nice and fresh.

  • Oraticus

    Ok… I admit I was a bit confused… I wasn't quite sure if the word on his left fist was supposed to be "life", "lyfe", or "love", and I couldn't let it go, so I opened up Microsoft Word, scrolled through the fonts until I cam across Old English Text, and yeah… it's "PINE LYFE". Extra ghetto points for the "Y" instead of the "I".

    • Inspectigater

      You sir, are amazing. : )

    • ALWS

      Not fluent in ye olde Englishe?

  • Dan

    I was totally expecting a Usual Suspect kind of thing.

  • Sir Library Eater

    Is this the epilogue for AlEx's story from the Programmer?
    I mean, his name is Alex, and he loves pine trees! That probably comes with living in a log-based society.

    • ThousandSunny


    • Dylan

      that was my first thought! 1st panel: "Alex? sounds familiar….." 2nd: "oh!you meant to type AlEx, huh? because trees!"

  • Faith Gorodki

    Pines? The "triangle" ones are spruces… Have you ever seen a coniferous tree?

    • Julien

      Despite being somewhat uncourteous, Gorodki's comment is almost correct. Pines do not have the shape shown in the picture, and although similar to spruces, the "triangle" is more akin to a fir than a spruce. Spruces tend to shed their bottom branches as they age, giving them a weird, uneven shape (a young spruce, however, would indeed look like a triangle).

      P.S.: when giving useless informations such as this, try being a bit more courteous, because frankly, i don't think anyone here gives a **** about coniferous tree shape

      • Sir Library Eater

        Says the guy who just informed us about coniferous tree shape

        • Batteryhorse

          Courteously, though!

      • Faith Gorodki

        "i don't think anyone here gives a **** about coniferous tree shape"

        Dear Julien, you just did, you self-righteous little piece of courteous your-favorite-explicit-here. Have a nice day.

  • tsevenhuysen

    This is awesome.

  • BreadCrumbs

    Are those actually fingers or just part of the tatoo job on his hands?

    You know to make it look more "Awesome!!!"

  • RIG

    Justin, I have read all your stuff on here, LHT, and Draw Until it's Funny (all awesome by the way), however I must say this strip is by far my favorite of yours so far. Well done!
    -Random Internet Guy

  • jgib

    I love this strip too!

  • michaeljgleason96

    Henry Blake: Bet you don't know what type of wood this is.
    Radar: Oak.
    Henry Blake: Nope it's oak.