Thanksgiving Stand-up
  • Guest

    Whoo! First comment! (Sorry guys…)

    I went to a community dinner the other day and I got STUFFED. I was GOBBLING UP all the stuff.

    (Am I a turkey? OH NO, I"M EVOLVING!)

  • tsevenhuysen

    Happy Thanksgiving, from a Canadian who already had his.

    May your bread be visible, if only for this one meal!

  • Sir Library Eater

    The man turns to the turkey and says, "Do you want anything to eat?"
    The turkey tries to communicate to the man that he neither understands English nor can speak.

  • Thursday Day is my favorite day of the year!

  • craftsandhistory

    Justin!!!!! Make a wordpress account because I just made a IB blog!! I will paste it right now.
    Wait, what the heck?
    I'm on a mac. can't paste. I'll paste it as soon as I get on a normal PC.
    P. S. Can I have permission to post comics on my blog?

    • Yup, you're more that welcome to Spread The Bread! As long as somewhere it says "" or has a link or whatever, you're good to go!

      • Jake

        Spread the Bread – love it! You should totally get into advertising for bakery products.

  • That joke works with teddy bears too.

  • ALWS

    The alt-text just revolutionized that joke– so great job, Justin!

  • BreadCrumbs

    I was expecting to see a 7th and 8th, not just a 7th, that played out the joke… but kudos to you, Justin, for improving the joke.