Music In The Air
  • Xelodia

    The changes to the layout are pleasant on the tablet. Thank you. (hope it's good for other people too)

  • User99

    Like all things tablet-esque (I'm looking at you, Windows 8), they tend to be a lot less, erm, pleasant when viewed on a normal screen. My mouse pointer is half an inch in size, so big, black, six inch buttons really don't improve things. Why isn't there a separate tablet view for websites, like there is for mobiles?

  • That band is as good as a piece of bread.

    • Actual

      It is as good as inventing sliced bread?

      • As long as it is invisible, yeah.

  • Zera3

    I sometimes wear my pajamas to CVS.

  • Kintrex

    Oh god oh god where is the bread I'm so lost

    • Kintrex it is at the end of the light grey one right below the comic ( I had a hard time finding it also) 🙂

  • Oraticus

    Ahh! I like the layout, but it took me a few seconds to find the link to the comment section! I do not adapt well to change! Ahhhh!

    Also… well done, air band! All you need now is some laser lights and to sign off with "GOOD NIGHT, CVS! YEEEEEEEAAAH!"

    … Ahhhhh! (still adapting)

  • Noooooooo!

    No bonus panel?!!


    • denis

      There is… On the ".com" . Close to where it hás always been.

  • Carson

    Looks good on all of my devices. Bread was easy to find. Comic had a funny thing.

  • My mind is telling me no. But my body… my body's telling me yes!

  • Randomness

    Blue Guy there is having a fun time 'air singing' I can tell…

  • I still like "air thermin" better.

  • Poopy McGee

    Imagine that the music was from Squidward's dream when SpongeBob went, "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA" over and over again. It makes this comic even more enjoyable than it already is.

  • haha…its good

  • Madame Kagamine

    Which CVS do you go to?!? (Not trying to be a stalker)