Graph It
  • Oraticus

    Ah, the beautiful simplicity of the mutually exclusive Boolean pie chart…

    Graph guy is a mathematical artist… if attempted by any other charting layman, the merger of two distinctly different methods of data plotting into one visual media would almost certainly result in a sacrilegious bastardization of the fundamental laws governing the visual presentation of numerical quantification.

    This graph, though… this graph speaks to the soul… reminding us of our own mortality, yet assuring us that trepidation toward our own end is folly, and reinforcing the fact that knowledge about the length of one’s own mortal perseverance is naught more than a snare to the potential productivity of one’s life.

    Life? Heck, yes, graph guy… heck, yes.

  • arghdos

    >Thanks breaders!


    But hey, whatever, graph guy!

    • It sounded good at the time of me writing it =)

      • Brothers + bread = breaders? Like brudders?

        • Oraticus

          either that, or it's bread + readers… but then it would be pronounced "breeders"… and that just sounds WAY wrong…

      • Bobby McBob

        I think invisible breaders would sound better.

  • kktkkr

    But what about the Y-coordinate? Is graph guy ever going to worry that every graph he makes has an exact 82% chance of being relevant?