• Void

    There's a strange case of pop-up ads in this site, just by clicking on anything — even the background, it pops up. What's up with that? It even cancels my clicks when I want to go to the previous page, I have to keep it open in order to browse. =|

    • That's no good! My ad networks are usually really good with keeping those ads off my site, but sometimes a bad one slips through, despite my filtering.

      What is the ad for? What country do you live in? I gotta try and track this evil ad down!

      • Void

        Even though I had adblocker off, the ad didn't show anything. I assume it blocked it as a separate entity. So the last bit of info: I'm from Israel. Mhm.

        I do have to tell ye that it goes on and off, I'm not sure what triggers it as of right now it does not occur. The annoying pop-up ad seems to plague the ChannelAte website as well from time to time. I'll drop down some info next time it happens~

  • Torchwood

    Happy birthday! My birthday was just yesterday – October-birthday-high-five go! *raises hand*

    • Ahhh, I'm so late on this high five! Much respect for keeping your hand up this entire time!

      *high five*

    • Doctor

      Hi! I like Doctor Who and my birthday is in October! *raises hand*

  • Oraticus

    Because of this comment, from now on when I come to a realization (accurate or erroneous), I'm going to stand up with my fists on my hips in a superheroic stance.

    Oh, by reading your comment below the comic, I realized that I had missed saying happy birthday to you *stands up with fists on hips*…


  • Zera3

    The website's name will now change to Invisible Banana.

  • badoopshum

    I sense a motif here.

  • Happy Birthday to you 🙂

  • akumaninja

    Both IB and Buttersafe are about regret today. Coincidence??

    • Octothorp

      That's what I've been thinking too. Justin, are you in cahoots with the guys at buttersafe?


      • Alex and I have the same birthday, so yes. Always cahooting.

        • Sir Library Eater

          You cahooting cahooters!

  • Jill

    You know? I think I really like vanilla.

    • Sir Library Eater

      I see what you did in the far side.

  • Cem

    I'm pretty sure the guy in this comic is one of the parents Suzie mentions in the bonus panel.

    Also, happy birthday Justin, I hope your birthday cake has bananas in it. Otherwise you might regret it later on.

  • Hey Justin, just letting you know that your comics are awesome and also make me feel very self conscious.

    … This one really hit home.

  • Luna’s Loyal Subject

    In all seriousness though, if this gave him the balls to ask her out, it’s an all-around win. Go you, you sticklike comic protagonist!

    I also accidentally posted this in your April Fool’s post by accidentally clicking the wrong link. My bad, trying to delete it.

  • That bonus panel is funny.

  • Madame Kagamine

    Heh heh…
    “Yeah, it’s totally about me”
    “I really should’ve bought those bananas”

    • Madame Kagamine

      Only people with dirty minds would hget that. Heh heh…
      *perv face*

  • Geeky

    Bananas, the source of all regret!