• Oraticus

    His arms (and maybe his legs? Can't see 'em) look thin enough that he could probably slip them through the centers of the bagels. I'd recommend he don some of those bagels as a form a bagel-battle-armor, and prepare for the incursion of the muscle-legged landlord. Those bagels won't defend themselves!

    • Anonymous


  • @theinnocentlam

    have those bagels been sitting around for three months? aren't they stale?? or does Mr. Red Shirt like stale bagels? Or are those bagels super bagels that don't go stale after three months??

    If the latter, I suppose it makes sense to hoard them.

  • Ginkgo

    I was expecting an invisible bagel for this strip.

    • Actual

      You didn't see it?

  • Miles

    Awww, I haven't done those things because I don't have the twitter and tumblr and stuff. I always feel bad for not having done those, but not so bad I want to get and maintain those things.

    • Justin Boyd

      I hear ya for sure. Keeping those things going can be a little bit of a chore sometimes!

  • Kintrex

    Ah, bagels. Like donuts, only made of bread.

  • Sir Library Eater

    Spread the Bread? Why not spread the butter ON the bread?
    Or would that be like shmooshing people's faces into your website?

  • Matthew

    how should red shirt prepare for the blasting off of the door! find out tonight on channel 11 news! (not real publicity)

    • Me=I am _______

      I check the channel before the last part…..I am going for your face????????

      • Me=I am _______

        Ment checked but your face will be fine i dont own those things

  • Travis

    Invisible bagel

    • ______

      YES the new bread is bagel!
      And for those who disagree ????(sorry anger managment issues need therapist donations(as in donate a therapist)

  • I am ________

    What flavor are those bagels?