First Day
  • Oraticus

    There's a reason everyone else is wearing golden-colored shirts and you're wearing navy… you're at the wrong college entirely. Welcome to your worst nightmare realized!

    • g0vnah


  • DKong27

    I have occasionally recurring dreams where I suddenly realise I have an exam in a class I didn't know I had and have never been to. :/

    • awittybarb

      I have that same dream! It's always a history class.

      • Aiden O

        my history teacher doesnt believe in homework or pop quizzes

  • Batatatata

    On my first day, I had already become semi-familiar with the campus. I walked over to the building I needed to head to, about a 5-10 minute walk, no biggie. I look around for a bit then decide "Hm… no, this isn't it." Walk over to the library, then to a big empty field, then to the restaurant, then around for a bit.

    I realized I was walking towards the exit of the campus, so I turned around and attempted to retrace my steps. Back over to the restaurant. Then I decide "Yup, okay, whatever, let's try going back to that building"

    I walked around it, and lo-and-behold, yes, it was where I needed to go originally. A 10 minute walk turned into a 50 some minute walk.

  • Squii

    I remember my first day of university. I arrived half an hour early, thought "I'll just quickly check where it is and then find something to do before class!"
    Let's just say I ran around in multiple circles and ended up 5 minutes late.

  • Otto Bob Otto

    I went from being a student to being a teacher. This nightmare never goes away.

  • Ha! We were just talking about this when we met up. Because thats right folks, I met THE Justin Boyd.

    • Truth is being told by this guy right here =)

  • Miles

    Ahhh, that was this semester, looking for Light Hall, for business classes… It helps not at all that the buildings had no signs to indicate what the heck they were. Sure I have a map… Light Hall LOOKS like it could be that building… or maybe that one… or possibly that one? Shouldn't there be a sign?
    I only figured it out because I went inside, wandered about, and found a sign INSIDE the building indicating it was, in fact, the business building (I think Business Advisor, perhaps?)

  • This comic could also be called "Last Day".
    Well, maybe not last day, but I sure did completely pass the building my class was in and go off quite a ways before realizing I must have passed the building, and I had a map, and I'd been there for two years.
    Before my first semester I walked around and found the buildings and rooms my classes were in. After that I winged it. Of course, first semester ended in a surprise when a class moved in the last few weeks about seven blocks away and I had 15 minutes between it and the previous class. Yaaay?
    I'm actually incredibly surprised I've not had dreams about being lost. My sense of direction is abysmal. I get lost while playing video games.

  • Sir Library Eater

    I get the feeling that every college campus ever has a Mason Hall.

  • I knew I was finally getting over stress in life when my 'can't find my classes' dreams became happier.. i just stopped caring.. i'd wander around the school doing whatever, never finding any classes.. stop by the lunchroom, eat something.. go behind the counter because fuckit.
    and my 'missed the buss' dreams became nicer too. now i just catch another one, or go wander around.. it's just funny how the dreams themselves have never stopped.

  • Andy

    Coincidentally posted on the first day of classes at umich, where we do have a mason hall full of freshman classes.

    • Coincidence… or I live in Ann Arbor and went to umich?


  • bxk21

    Mason Hall?

    do you go to the U of M?

    • I did! Still live in AA too =)

      • Wat

        Working on your 1-year chip?

        • AA == Ann Arbor.

          I have a tendency to type AA and not A2 =)

  • Shauna

    I have been reading this comic for some time now and did not know until right now that you went to U of M and live in A2! I'm from there and worked at the U's hospital…didn't go to school there though. You have suddenly become a real person, which is awesome!

    • That's awesome! It's great to see some Ann Arbor/umich people pop up in the comments today =)

  • Pineappleturtle

    That awful sinking/heart attack feeling when you realize you have no idea where you are supposed to be going and theres not a person in sight that you have ever talked to before.

    • Void

      That awful sinking/heart attack feeling when you realize you're bleeding and there is no one around in sight to help you.


      • Pineappleturtle


  • Bonzai

    My college has some buildings you can only access conveniently through other buildings, and the floors don't match up. Ex: 2nd floor of Doherty is 7th floor of Wean. 4th floor of Wean is the only way to Newell Simon Hall. Walking out the door of Newell Simon on the ground floor leads to a pit surrounded by Computer Science buildings. No escape.

  • Haha ! I've been out of college for over 30 years and I occasionally have a dream similar to this. On final exam day I frantically search for a class I've never been to to take the final exam. I never have found it ! I wonder what it means ? Anyway, my son shared this comic with me. It's hilarious and spot on.

    • That's awesome to hear! The son-sharing part, not the college nightmares forever part =)

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