Lawn Protector
  • Actual

    What a great idea, i should pay kids to mow adds onto people's lawns.

  • Bobby McBob

    That's nice.

  • The hidden panel put a grin on my face 😀
    Nice work, Justin.

  • AirMan121

    That kid is REALLY talented. He puts my grass cutting abilities to shame.

  • Void

    That's one enormous lawn they have.

  • Jesse

    This is fantastic… Thanks for making me laugh yet again!

  • Guillermo A

    Great!! First I want a house so big that I can have a lawn like this. Second, I want an epic pattern that can be seen from space!

  • He's a gifted pattern mowing kid.
    Ha Ha!!! On the bonus panel

  • that's what the kid in the ring of mcallister did…

  • Juiceboxhero

    i laughed a lil extra when i saw an ad about fake grass next to the strip…

  • A person