• minstorm340

    My motto is:
    If someone gives you money, take it. No exeptions.
    It makes a good alternative to toilet paper 😛

  • Brandon

    I can honestly say I've never done a good deed with the hope of reward. Never accepted anything but a thank-you, either.

    • You're a good man, Brandon.

      For the good deed of never expecting anything more than a thank you, here's $20.

    • Actual

      He said he has never done a good deed with the hope of a reward. This could simply mean that he has never done a good deed.

  • Sir Library Eater

    In the last panel, yellow shirt man smiling behind the NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO reminds me vaguely of Slender.

  • samdealey

    It's a simple, 3-step process.
    1 – turn it down
    2 – grab the money
    3 – run

    … wait… I missed a step in the middle… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • You could do us all a good deed by making an invisible bread volume 2 book and we'll happily pay.

  • Steve

    The guy in the yellow shirt ist missing an in the first panel

    • One Undo Too Far: The Story of Justin Boyd

      • arghdos

        I thought he was just really really skeptical and his eyebrow traveled to the top of his head

      • theANdROId

        Is that another comic/story arc you're working on?!?! O_o

        …and it's sequel, "The Wrath of Redo" ;-D

  • Utuy

    Wow, that's my life in a nutshell.

  • BreadCrumbs

    I normally wait til they say I insist then I say "if you insist!"

    ★_★ MONEY ★_★

  • He turned the money down twice. BIG MISTAKE. You only say no once. A 2nd No reinforces to the offerrer that you REALLY don't ant the money. Reject once then accept. It always works that way & you get the money while maintaining a degree of modest integrity.