• Starchie

    Wendell sitting on the couch watching TV like people. Robots are just like people. Is Wendell a robot, programmed to behave adorably for the internet? And does he drink coffee?

  • Oraticus

    I can’t even focus on this comment… I’m too busy analyzing the fact that he’s wearing his watch on his right wrist and cross-referencing that with the fact that the way he quizzically touches his face while pondering his recollection on the existence of robots also involves his right hand. It seems he’s a right-hander, but he wears his watch as if it was a dominant-hand accessory, when, clearly, social consensus dictates that a wristwatch is a non-dominant hand accessory. I don’t know which is more progressive… the caffeine-addicted robot, or the accessory-style challenging barista.

    • Martey

      Maybe the barista is left-handed, but uses his non-dominant hand to touch his face for cleanliness reasons?

    • Actual

      It is obvious that wearing your watch on your dominant arm is simply the superior method.

    • revolutionstartstomorrow

      I am a lefty but I always facepalm, rub my forehead condescendingly, and do the open-handed "what are you thinking/talking about/doing?" gesture will my right hand. Probably because I keep my left hand free in case they take a swing at me.

    • Alex

      His left arm is an artificial limb. See how he doesn't move it.

    • Laugeo

      I'm right handed and wear my watch on my right wrist. It feels weird if I wear it on my left wrist.

  • revolutionstartstomorrow

    Programming robots to have a caffeine addiction would only be wise if they had a concept of money and had to work for a living. Of course, it would only be wise to allow them to do so if they had insanely high output numbers. Then all people of the world could become Baristas and this world would be a better place.

  • Bonzai

    Barista: Here you go, that will be $100.
    Robot: That much for coffee! Do I look like I was born yesterday?
    Barista: *pauses* yes.
    Robot: Okay.

    • Brynna

      Robot: Drink overpriced coffee!
      Barista: Here you go, that'll be 37 dollars.
      Robot: *laughs* Awesome!
      (The Lego Movie reference XD)

  • Zera3

    Well. His arm is extremely long.

  • lex

    Is that invisible coffee?

  • Chloe

    It would break the robot.

  • reader

    h…how is that possible :O
    Can dogs sit in chairs upright?

  • A person

    "Since when did robots start existing?"
    Um, they have for a while…