My Wallet
  • Oraticus

    Justin, I think you owe your brain an apology. Also, I think you need to question Wendell about his motives with your wallet. We've already established that he's an above average dog… I just don't want him to get pulled into the high-stakes world of online poker or anything.

  • Brady

    we all knew it was on the dog :T

  • brownunderwear

    I'm just surprised there aren't a bunch of Monster Energy Drinks in that fridge too.

    • minstorm340

      INVISIBLE energy drinks
      bread flavored 😛

      • Dylan

        plus, isn't that the freezer compartment?

  • ALWS

    Answer to panel 7:
    Animal magnetism.

  • Loosing train of thought great comic!!!!

  • You can tell this guy is single.
    1/ There is nothing in his fridge
    2/ He is trying to think of where his wallet is, I just ask my wife!

  • Fasd47

    THIS IS MY LIFE!!!!!

  • Jimmy 2

    I like the bonus panel lol