• wagonlover

    bonus panel is genius

  • Jill


  • wedn

    Ahah this is the most random thing I've seen in days! Awesome

  • Joaquin

    I love this page <3

  • Nate Pleasant

    Awesome third panel. Had me cracking up!

  • John

    Wendell – Drift King

  • PieNinja

    I misread the first panel as 'play with fish' instead of 'pay with fish.' Oddly enough, the comic made more sense that way.

    • Ren

      I thought it said "play fish" as in, "play go-fish". It made sense that way, too.

      Triple entendre!

  • Mel

    LOL your dog is priceless!!!

  • Some Useless Geek

    Okay, Wendell needs to get his rear traction issue resolved. On one lap he seems to be plowing so badly on the kitchen exit that he's almost out of the camera frame, but then on the next lap he tucks enough to early apex the turn coming into the kitchen. Since he has to slow down to make the corrective late apex he's losing speed and time.

    Gotta get that dog sorted out if you want to set faster lap times.

  • Sam

    Now if only one of those fish were wearing a monocle, he could have a fish-eye lens!

  • I'd like an explanation for how he gets fish eyebrows, after slapping only two fish down on the counter.

    • Wait, I take that back. Someone's just going to say he had fish eyebrows to begin with…

  • Mr. Fancypants

    May I just say that Wendell GIFs are the best thing ever…

  • Sid


  • BreadCrumbs

    Hey for that Wendell gif add NASCAR sounds funniest dog race ever

  • craftsandhistory

    I demand more corgi-related comics. There is no word to explain how much my friends and i love corgis. plus, look at this!

  • Madame Kagamine

    That GIF is too adorable. ^-^

  • sam

    hey my name is sam to 🙂