My House
  • SouthOfHeaven97

    that face on the last panel

  • Oraticus

    Just think! Your vaulted ceilings are now half-pipes! Shred that stucco!

    On the downside, you're going to have to be very creative about how you use the toilets…

    • And NEVER turn on the ceiling fan unless you want to turn your room into a blender

  • Actual

    What happened to the cellar?

  • I see nothing wrong with the house.

  • Matt

    Why whats wrong with that, I've always wanted to walk on the ceiling!

    • Dan

      Just get yourself an electric razor.

  • ALWS

    Oh my goodness! I have always wanted to go to an upside-down house!– with all the furniture bolted to the floor or magnetically repelled from the ceiling…
    But maybe it would be easier to forgo the ladder by putting the door at ground level and building the higher floors into the ground.

  • important nasa guy

    saw this video and reminded me of this comic

  • Nancy Muntz

    What a relief that his blueprints included attaching a ladder to the door, or they would have *really* had a problem!

    • Laugeo

      But that doesn't fix the fact that everything is bolted to the floor inside, making everything useless.