• Anonymous

    *panics at the lack of that one other thing*
    *reads P.S.*
    *breathes sigh of relief*

    Great strip, by the way. Love the fuzzy hedgehog.

    • Just did the other thing and removed the P.S. in the post. Secrets!

    • blahkienoko

      I think the hedge hog should have squinty eyes when it says ''time to do my thing''

  • Am I the only one not finding any invisible bread today? Is it just super invisible today?

  • Fernando

    hahahah love it!! 😀

  • Time to do my thing

    Wow, I like this comic even more after noticing the hedgehog's head on panel 3!

  • Miles

    I can't stop calling them hodgehegs after it popped into my head one day.. HODGE. HEG.

    • Utuy

      What is read can not be unread, what is seen can not be unseen, what is heard can not be unheard. >.<

  • Matt

    Love his head in Panel 3! He looks like a little pom-pom!

  • Oraticus

    Aww, that bear is so cute! I could never eat something so cuuuute!

    • ALWS

      That bear is so cute; luckily, I don't eat bears anyway.

  • Thanks Justin. This comic brought a smile to my face this morning.

    Your animal drawings, although rare, are such a treat to see when you post them.

  • ALWS

    *looks at bonus panel* Whoa, who's that guy? And where did all the hedgehogs come from? And where did the bear go to?

  • Sir Library Eater

    This reminds me of the special turtle power. Did they underplay this in hedgehog school too? http://invisiblebread.com/2011/08/turtles/

    • craftsandhistory

      yeah because they have defense probably like the turtles

  • Nancy Muntz

    "a cute creature could overload the brain of another animal with cuteness and then attack while the other animal incapacitated."

    They are called kittens, and that's how they incapacitate their enemy, naked human feet.

  • weegee93


  • _______

    -qute…But DEADLY!!!!???

  • Valentina Rao

    that’s what I hope most of my dates will think…