• blars

    kinda got my hopes up when you said they lived in Australia 🙁

  • TheDolphin

    For the new readers who were wondering what the secret panel is a reference to:

    • ThousandSunny

      Wait wait wait! There uh… is no… er… secret panel!

  • John

    You think that's gross – you should have seen him as a kid! So many sun-spots he had to get treated for sun-acne. Even the moon called him crater-face. Poor guy 🙁

    • User99


  • That's how he holds his two scoops o'raisins.

  • Oraticus

    Seasonal allergies…

    • Ben

      its those dang solar winds…

  • You know how looking at a bright light helps trigger a sneeze… What happens when the sun looks in a mirror?

  • If you go to the google android play store and look at the new gocomics app, one of the screen shots for the app is of your previous sun comic. What is cool is that the three comics they chose to show in the screen shots are Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, and Invisible Bread. Good choices.

    • Whoa dude. Whoa. That is super awesome =)

  • Ookeon

    Where do you come up for the idea for things like this?!! xD

  • Lala

    I really like how the Sun looks. It just looks so … SUNNY!