Fix It
  • Does Space Snake prefer Arby's because the curly fries look a little bit like a coiled snake if you squint hard enough? Or had a blurry microscope?

    Does this mean Space Snake has some cannibalistic tendencies? Oh, the horror!

  • John

    If only he'd had invisible bread this wouldn't be a problem! πŸ˜›

  • Morgan

    Aw yeeeeah Space Snake! I missed you, little guy. Let's listen to Huey Lewis and the News together <3

    • We should all have a Huey Lewis and the News listening party =)

  • Oraticus

    Some of those bags and one of the fries are totally out of focus. Also, the little green face-recognition box didn't pop up. I'd say there are some serious imaging issues with this telescope.

  • ALWS

    Hunger has no bounds.

    The Voice and Arby's and Space Snake?! πŸ˜€

  • reader

    man -yup- is such a useful phrase, imma steal it and start using it myself πŸ˜€


    everyone seems to have gotten sick this past week, not just in my town but around the globe :/ must be the bird flu or somat

  • important nasa guy

    my important nasa guy shirt came today πŸ™‚ I picked it up from my letter box after getting a pizza, and when I opened it up, it came with a little cartoon saying it's perfect pizza eating weather. How did you know Justin? How did you know?

  • BreadCrumbs

    So that's why space snake always in a good !

    He eats good mood food!

    Wait what, its not good mood food any more its what? Slicing up freshness?

  • OMGinvisiblebread

    Hi ! πŸ™‚ awesome comic again!

  • Very funny episode! I was wondering how snake got up in the space, how he crawling in the air. Anyway, it's an amazing comic yet again. Enjoyed it.