• Mythril

    I have a 52" TV and yet I usually sit within 1-2 meters away from it when gaming. I can't understand those who would buy a smaller TV and sit in a couch all the way on the other side of the living room. %D

  • Morgan

    My last 3 tv's have been given to me by friends after they got new ones, so that means THE TV FAIRY IS REAL

  • Ren

    Ya know what would be awesome but a ton of work for the author of this extraordinary website? if the comics were organized into series. Like Monster comics. I have a few coworkers who need an intervention, and I think the comedy will make it easier.

  • reader

    Man I so do that with my 26 inch tv 😀
    I would buy a 48 inch TV if they weren't so damn expensive

  • Johnny

    You know you're stupid when…

  • BreadCrumbs

    I personally thought he was gonna steal it.

  • Unsnappedfoil04

    I have a 80 inch no jk

  • How did the bottom of the TV come off?