• John

    It's an epidemic! Perhaps the storyline for CONTAGION 2: The BACONTAGION?

  • Zera3

    Mmmm… bacon.

  • User99

    Correlation does not imply causat… mmm bacon.

  • Tnoy
    • AWWW, YUSSSS! Fellow R&L fan!

  • Tim

    Eat the bacon yourself, or use it to save a life? What a baconundrum…

    • ALWS

      Giving up bacon is an idea of which I cannot baconceive.
      Maybe I need more self-bacontrol.

  • TheAwesomeDude

    yet another life saved by the power of bacon d:D

    • ALWS

      Wait a minute, which "d" is the hat?

  • Luna's Loyal Subject

    3 of 4 bacon deficiency incidences result in death because the emergency bacon doesn't make it to the afflicted individual.

  • Jimmy

    Yes- same!