The Author
  • Ellie

    I don't like papercuts 🙁

  • reader

    Pretty sharp comic there 😀

    • Dan W

      I see your point.

      • I'll take a stab at it

        • Dan W

          This is cutting edge stuff.

          • It's pretty knife.

          • Tylord

            I'm going to steel this comic.

          • Tim

            No need to be so blunt about your intentions.


          • Guest

            This is so funny, I can't handle it.

          • andarb

            They'll be back… and next time, they'll be LAMINATED!

          • Matt172

            this book will go deep in your heart

          • The book is really to the point!

          • Someone already took a STAB at that joke…

            Also, I bet that the book was such a huge success in stores that they SLASHED the prices on it.

  • copisetik

    It's a real slice of life comic.

  • So many puns! It's cutting me up! XD

  • I prefer the sequel, Pop-up Guns and Cannons.

    • ActualHuman

      The prequel, Pop-up lighters and matches didn't last very long.

      • ALWS

        The first book, Pop-up Rocks, eventually led to the creation of Pop Rocks.

        • Morbo


        • I like pop-up guillotines better. Much more accurate.

  • Next time I'm arguing with someone, I'll be sure to take a page out of this book.

    • ALWS

      Or just a knife.

  • Testsubject5

    I totally want this at schools

  • Why, Hello There!

    This is great and the comments are great. XD

  • Devin

    Have fun in Seattle (I live there too!) sadly I won't be going to comicon this year :

  • ALWS

    Put it in your purse. If anybody steals it, they'll open it to see what it is and end up in the emergency ward when one of the knives slashes a vein.
    Also makes a great gift!

  • Minna

    Buttersafe reference in the hidden panel??

  • Madame Kagamine

    Nice pun. 😉