• Matt`

    Also when the driver is comfortable with a much shorter follow-distance between us and the car in front and my foot is twitching trying to press the brake that isn't there and I'm convinced we're going to rear-end that car.

    Less "pure terror" and more "mild discomfort", but I have a similar feeling for when I would have changed up a gear but the driver hasn't yet and the engine is getting extra-loud and why are we still riding this gear and for the love of god change up already.

    Hmm, that may not be so relatable for anyone in the USA, I hear you guys mostly drive automatic, ya weirdos… (nearly all cars in the UK are manual).

    • It's true. Most cars over here are automatic.

    • Pierce

      My dad does that. He shifts WAY late. It's awful!

  • I can relate.

  • Ken

    You and my wife have about the same breaking distance. This is probably the number one thing we argue about.

    • Depressing Dave

      That's nice. Our #1 argument is probably about the time I slept with her best friend, and if we divorced who'd get the kids. That and the correct way to eat an Oreo.

      • Ken

        So sorry about the Oreo problem. Hope you two can work that out.

  • Hal

    It's time to consider becoming a control freak and forcing your friends and family to ride in your car. Consider buying a mini-van as you can fit more people and you'll get less complaints about having to ride across laps in the back, on the roof, or in the trunk.

  • John

    For me, I can't help but grab the little handle by the roof/window when people drive me around. I don't know what good it would do in the event of a crash. I'd probably just dislocate my arm :/

    Still. Feels like the roof is my mirror shield, and the drivers arm is my master sword.

  • Tim

    I feel the same way a lot of the time, but I don't think it's necessarily because other drivers brake at different distances, etc… I think it's more that when you aren't driving, everything just feels a little different, and everything looks different from the passenger seat.

    So IMO it's a psychological thing, not an actual difference in driving habits. 🙂

  • Gabe

    My mom always tell me to brake early to make her feel safe on the passenger seat, but when she is driving she waits till we're almost on top of the front car to brake .

    • Perry

      OMG me too. Crazy huh?

  • Juan

    I think this happens to most of us: When you're driving you know when you're going to break, accelerate, etc. When you're a passenger everything takes you by surprise, so you feel like the driver is less careful than you.

  • Ilya

    I agree with Juan ^, that green line is where you start thinking about braking. I bet that you don't actually feel the braking until pretty close to the yellow line in your own car too.

  • How about that moment when you realise the driver didn't put all the dowels in when building their CÄRR

  • christina

    OMGOMGOMG I totally do this! I hate being the passenger. I'm like "DON'T YOU SEE THE RED LIGHT/BRAKES/ANIMAL AHEAD????"

  • Durvin

    By "verbal reaction" do you mean "scream?" My girlfriend did that when she rode with me, until we determined that I was the good driver and she was just way too overly cautious. On the other hand, when I ride with people and have this reaction, I totally stomp on the floor to help brake.

  • PieNinja

    Even worse is the "oh the light turned yellow, i guess we'll be stopping OH GOD HE'S SPEEDING UP WHY"

  • Nathan Wagenet

    I totally do that when my dad is driving. The weird thing is, I drive faster than he does, and accelerate faster, but he keeps his speed up way too close to the red light. It's like, "Why do you need to keep accelerating? We aren't going to go anywhere!"

    • anon

      That is my number 1# pet-peeve with driving in the western world (It's a FFA everywhere else and that almost makes it easier to deal with)

      …but I absolutely fucking hate being either the passenger or even the driver and watching dipshits either

      a. Not let go of the gas or brake when there's a fucking obvious obstruction to our path.

      b. Rage on someones tail to slow down to a stop sign.

      c. Speeding to red lights.

      You're right, they're going nowhere… You're actually creating traffic… You're ruining your brakes/ suspension…. You look like a 16 year old tool in daddies beamer…

      Living in California (good drivers on a whole but a high amount of cockfaces from LA) I see tons of fender benders and the 1# motif is a pick up truck/ SUV ramming a sports car or economy car that is just barking normally for a light or traffic.

      I hate being the passenger with people who are jerky and dont stay in their lane well. Can't sleep as the passenger at all… Fucking dicks… Stop driving lackadaisical and fucking pay attention just a little bit. Like is it really that hard to just fucking stay in your lane and not hit reflectors.

      fuck everyone

  • lightningpelt

    My car is so much bigger than my carpool's that some of the crazy maneuvers he does would be physically impossible in my car. That is terrifying. So I know where you're coming from. -.-

  • Sam

    I remember having that experience with a classmate when I was in high-school. I didn't even say anything. She kicked me out of the car after all of 2-3 minutes. :-/ Although in my case it was just her — other people put on the break at a reasonable time… or at least would let off the gas, rather than gunning the gas until it was necessary to nearly slam the break.

  • You would love being the passenger when my mom drives. She's developed a fear of being too close to the crosswalk when she's the first car at a stoplight, she stops about three feet from the line, sometimes she stops so far back another car could fit in front of us. It drives me absolutely crazy but I've finally learned to shut my trap about it because it's not worth being upset over.

  • Sunblast

    Oh, jeez, is that ever relatable. I tend to do both the handle-grabbing and the slamming-my-left-foot-into-the-floor things. I must look like such an ass when I do it, too. >.<

  • Ryu

    This is called "driving with my mom".

  • Cheesemongerer

    Just wanted to let you know that this content has been directly lifted and put in reddit as someone else's content:

    • At least it has the still in the image! It's the absolute worst when that gets cropped out.

      Thanks for the link!

  • carolt

    And I thought it was just ME, and was considering getting some freaking therapy this year about it, I simply am terrified with other people driving, even my poor husband!

  • Otto Bob Otto

    I would be highly please if you made available a downloadable version of this that was the exact dimensions of a Facebook banner. Of course you would have to write (c) Invisible Bread on it, and I would basically be advertising for free for you if I used it.

  • Vinnie

    My mum has this reaction when I'm driving.
    She also brakes on approach at green lights. To the point where she slows right down to about 15 km/h and only when she's at the line will she speed up again. I'm just waiting for her to cause an accident.

  • Hahahaha, that image is just pure genious 😀

    esp that 'pure terror' zone is purely making me rofl!

    But trust me, being a passager in a car with the steering wheel on the other side, is a 1000 times more scary!

  • jandsm5321

    I sometimes push my foot down on the floor to try to ease the terror… never helps though.

    In my case I drove a passenger van for a while in college. If you didn't slow down gradually you got lots of complaints, the habit carried over to driving cars I guess.