I’m Back
  • Andrew

    is Ace of Bass like Ace of Base with more low end?

    • Haha, whoops! And yes! =)

      Panel has been adjusted.

    • ALWS

      Does an Ace of Bass beat a Kingfisher?

  • John

    He's alive from his vacation to the underworld!! 😀

    "One tiny step for me, one giant fall off the edge of this building…"

  • brownunderwear

    Things like the subtlety of the humor in that second panel are what keep me coming back to Invisible Bread.

  • But, do we know exactly how long that sandwhich is?

    • Sir Library Eater


    • ALWS

      Wait a minute, that was a Drew comic. One must only talk about Justin comics here in Justin-land.
      Hey, are Liz and Beth not the best things since (invisible) sliced bread?

      Just kidding, of course. I'm sure Justin doesn't mind.

      • Talk about whatever you like, my friends!

  • Hourra pour le retour du serpent de l'espace! 😀

  • Woo! space snake!!!

  • ALWS

    UNIMPORTANT NASA GUY [Gazes mournfully out at the distance]: He's somewhere up there, looking down at us…

    IMPORTANT NASA GUY [Leaning over balcony]: Seriously, guys, stop it.

  • Every time I see a space snake comic I scour the rest of the panels just to see where the important NASA guy appears.
    To date I have not been let down.

    • He really is that important.

      • Must admit, first time I read this comic, I read his shirt as "Imported NASA guy" and thought, "Wow Justin, what a cheap skate.. can't even get the real guy to appear in the comic."

  • DavidM

    I love you space snake.

    • ALWS

      It's too bad space snake is in space and will likely never see you in person. You're quite literally star-crossed lovers.

  • loopadoopzoop

    And how exactly did Space Snake get sufficient thrust to reach Mars' escape velocity?
    Additionally, I like how the guy is looking up from his sub like "What?"