• boogloog

    pogs and slammers… holy hell that was a long time ago. i wonder if half the people who read this comic even know what those are without googling it?

  • too bad he'll be arrested for counterfeiting money because it's a 2012 dollar.

    • yewnork

      What makes you think the dollar he found was created in 2012? The dollar could have been made years before.

      • matt

        the most recent series is 2009. there is not "2012" dollar

        • I had the realization this morning that maybe there wouldn't be a 2012 on a ten dollar bill. Thanks for the reminder!

          Just adjusted the extra panel with a year that could actually happen. What extra panel you say? Exactly =)

          • Sopheria

            Great now I have to go through ALL the comics AGAIN to look at all the secret panels… well here goes another good chunk of my life…

          • Paul S

            Im struggling to find the secret panels, am I doing something wrong?

          • John

            Read the about :]

      • I clicked on the bread thing in the corner.

        • Paul S

          Bread thing in the corner? I've tried clicking everywhere I can see and nothing happens? :'(
          Feel like I'm missing out on bonus goodies

          • Dan

            The answer you seek is closer to the comic than you think. It's almost as if there is a description of the "invisible" bread right above it.

          • dylan647

            Read the about page. or, if you're too lazy, click above "newest"

    • Mineblock5000

      Actually, It's a 2009 dollar in the hidden panel.

  • As good as this comic is, it gets a lot more heartwarming if you ignore the "20 Years Ago" part and think he's just paying it forward to another random kid.

    • SouthOfHeaven97

      omg this is beautiful

  • inflation

    little did johnny know, 2012 dollars only buy half as many pogs

  • John

    Hehe, reminds me of a time when I was courting this girl (who's still my girlfriend after two years! Woop!) and I put a pog in her hand and asked her (without looking) to figure out what it was.

    Bitches love nostalgia.

    • Nick

      I tried that too! (With penis)

  • mike

    Too many feels, feels bad man

  • Sakubo

    Adorable. 🙂

  • Supertoast

    Oh man Pogs were seriously the coolest thing ever. I think I still have some and some slammers too. So sad that the kids in this generation would of never experienced something like that.

    • I had this awesome big metal slammer, but I wasn't allowed to use it because it damaged the pogs too much =(

      My goto slammer was this blue one with a yellow rubber back with a two-finger grip. Slam the stuff out of those pogs with it.

    • theANdROId

      I had a whole bunch of pogs too! I don't think I ever got rid of them…which means they're probably somewhere at my parents house in storage. Looks like I'm gonna have to do some rummaging, because those things need to be found and brought back out! 😀

    • Dylan

      I'M one of the kids of this generation! I'm 11 what are pogs and slammers?

  • Hidar

    Bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot, 7.99 and a Bag of M&Ms 1.99 = Good Evening.

  • Dan

    Anyone remember those plastic pellets you could melt and reshape from craft stores? I made a few custom slammers with that stuff using my pogs case. Nothing could beat those slammers.

  • Noni

    I love your strip for its sweetness.

    That is all.

  • anthony

    funny thing is i still have some of these laying around my house 😀 imma go in the kitchen and have some friends play with me now.

  • Nope, less pogs; inflation. 🙁

  • Matt172

    I tryed thinking about if that would work but then my head started hurting

  • Geeky

    What if that dollar that he found was the same dollar that he gave his past self??? That dollar would be infinite years old!