Dorm Stuff
  • hey! it's the best kind of raman that they're bidding with, Maruchan's!!

    • Yay, I'm glad you noticed that detail =)

      • actually, i'm about to have lunch, and i'm going to have beef ramen!

        • I'd like to think that I inspired you to do so =)

          • you did, although, i was going to have raman anyway, and all i have is a beef and two shrimps, and i like beef more than shrimp.

    • Michael

      I highly suggest trying out Mama Noodle if you have never had the chance 🙂

    • Dave_Harmon

      Maybe the best American kind… check out your local asian market to find more-expensive but far-better ramens.

  • Sct

    What's the dime-bag-to-ramen-pack exchange rate these days?

    • daft

      it is 3.4 ramen packs for a dime bag, and don't ask any more questions, just hand over the noodles, i'll give you the stuff and we can all be on our way, nice and easy.

  • Hal

    Poor guy. No wi-fi in the laundry room. At least he got there in time to join in on the bidding!

  • Elijah

    Now he has to lose all of that valuable ramen just to wear his own clothes… poor guy.

  • hahah!! this is so relatable because that's my life now! XD

    • Live that college laundry life. Live it up =)

  • pro-tip: phone timer set to go off 5 minutes before the load finishes, so you can be in the laundry room ready for it

  • Flakes

    I once left clothes in the drier for three days before someone took it out and left it in a pile in the laundry room. Due to an unmatched sock of unknown origin, I actually ended up with MORE clothes than I started with.

  • PieNinja

    Is this one of the few IB comics where the protagonist's worries/fears are actually validated? The ending took me by surprise (the good kind of surprise).

    • Just keeping you guys on your toes, that's all =)

  • Matt172

    that picture of the red leaf trooper B) quite a trooper