Parallel Parking
  • It must be really hard to get out from there.

    • Tromse

      It's always easier to get out. Why? That's one of the unsolved mysteries of life!

  • Razor265

    My flowers will come in the mail.

  • Parker

    I always get the question "are you good at Parking?" It's not that funny after 5,000 times.

    • But the 4,999th time. its still a RIOT! 😀

  • PhiBiSoLa

    Wow, some positive reinforcement you got going on there!

  • maroba

    You got lucky, the other car didn't get out and came another driver not so skillfull like you! 🙂 Congrats

  • Brandon

    I can't even back up into a spot, let alone parallel park! Haha, great work!

  • Firesuite

    I loathe parallel parking. I always feel pressure and judgement from onlooking drivers, so I avoid it where I can.

    Cool job though. I had some flowers and did try to fax them to you but now my fax machine is making painful noises… I'll stick with carrier pigeon next time.

  • James

    You waited until you got back? Are you crazy? What if one of them had left while you were at the gym?

    • I wish I could say that thought didn't cross my mind as I walked to the gym.

  • Okaasan

    Sure, "the gym". I often go to "the gym", too, when I want to take pictures of awesome stuff I did.

    I parallel parked my truck the other day. It was beautiful. But no one gave me flowers. 🙁

  • So, which pokemon master did you beat at this gym?

    • craftsandhistory

      The Car-type master, Carl. He specializes in Car types and does not want to battle you (like the orange islands). Instead he tests you to see who parks better.

  • angriestchair

    Oh, hello Mr. Costanza.

  • Lauren Brown

    There’s a panel or two missing from this comic.

  • Supersatinslayer

    Sadly… That would never happen in reality 😩