Another Doctor
  • SouthOfHeaven97

    Rainbow is the best band ever btw, RIP Dio.

  • If anybody's wondering what the tiny scribbling is on the packet, I think it says:

    (underlined) full of rainbows

    (red) for patient

    Then again it's doctor's handwriting so I could be wrong 😛

    • What is it with Doctor's handwriting? It's like they are using the wrong hand.

      • Dave_Harmon

        There actually is a real answer for that, which is kinda funny. As part of a doctor’s training, they spend a year or few as observers and/or “interns”, following the established doctors around in a hospital… and taking lots and lots of notes. They don’t get to tell the real doctors “wait up a sec while I write this down”, and their teachers and the doctors will be quizzing them later on what they saw, so… scribble scribble. By the time they graduate to being real doctors, their handwriting is completely shot.

    • Dang close! The red part reads "see patient".

      • Oh that'd also make sense! Again I blame the illegibility of doctors' handwriting 🙂

        • Haha, as you should; I purposefully made it a little bit sloppy =)

        • SouthOfHeaven97

          Also its extremley fucking tiny.

  • SuZume~

    Is it possible that, once "The Programmer" is finished, we can cut out each panel and puzzle them all back together in the form of a rectangle to get another story? Is the shear randomness covering the hidden genius of a much deeper storyline? Or am I thinking too much into the shape of the panels?

    • ALWS

      I… I want to try this now.

  • ActualHuman

    Possible side effects: Dizziness, nausea, rainbows, sleeplessness.

  • Kelp

    Wait, wait… the extra panel says "ingest". It's an ointment, you can see him rubbing it on his arm… did the guy actually ingest it?

    • He sure did. Look at all that internal rainbow action!

  • 2

    might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look

  • In true Lenny style, he turns on those who expose him and yet, his own website supports those he claims to be fighting against! Just take a look at the bottom of his website page!
    So the not-a-real-doctor wears two faces