• Starchie

    Same thing happens with my wallet when paying for stuff. Here, hold my money while I look for my money!

  • Neil

    I do this too and give myself a mini heart attack!

  • Hez

    I do this too. I usually then start laughing, tell the other person you'll never believe what I just did, and have to tell them because it is too funny. D'oh.

  • Commedia 2X00

    I occasionally lose my keys while I'm driving. Casually notice they're not in my pocket, panic for a moment, sometimes even pat down my other pockets.

    • Jill

      So been there.

  • This is a concise summary of my entire life

  • Zera

    Great comic! I had remembered it was Tuesday. It had me randomly laughing in the middle of class. By the way Justin, I plan on ordering a shirt soon. Do they come directly from your house? That would be pretty sweet.

    • I hope you didn't get in trouble for laughing during class! I did that once and yeah, I got in trouble!

      • Duth Olec

        Solution: Read comics in a class where the professor constantly makes jokes anyway.

  • Duth Olec

    There was another webcomic about this exact phenomenon, except it extended to everything usually in a pocket.

    • mike

      Awkward Zombie, right?

      • Sunblast

        Heh, I'm glad I'm not the only person that noticed the similarities. Here's the comic:

        I store quite a lot of stuff in my pockets, but I don't think I ever do this little bit of craziness. I don't know what's wrong with me. >.<

      • Elliot Sicheri

        oh i love awkward zombie!!!

  • yura

    hmm the band reminds me of like Finch/Story of the year /Sum 41 type of bands.

    • This is one of their lighter jams. They definitely go heavier too. Much more jammage can be heard on youtubes, if you're interested.

  • Me: Oh, no, I can't find my glasses!
    Glasses: *on face*

    • Geeky

      Me: Is my glasses on my face? *smacks face* …Yep

  • loopadoopzoop

    I laughed blatantly at the hidden panel.

  • hikaru

    Ooh, i HATE when that happens. Especially when you just leave a restaurant and you start looking for your wallet when it's right there in your hands >:(

  • Geeky

    This reminds me of this one comic.

  • Green bot Studios

    Me: Siri, where is my phone?
    Siri: But, you’re holding it.
    Me: *types and posts comment*
    True story