Lecture Notes
  • awww <3 now I kinda miss school

    • Madame Kagamine

      Trust me, it’s nothing to miss except the library and friends.

  • AutumnKitty

    Extremely cute :3 Lucky gal.

  • nikk

    what the heck is a singleton?

    • magcius

      a pattern in computer science to ensure that there's only one of something

      don't ask me why that's useful

  • shammers

    bubble teaa! 😀

    • redshirttt

      Whoo! So many bubble-tea-ers in here!

      • BadWolf

        Seriously! There's a place less than a block from campus where I go to school that sells them, I may be somewhat addicted….

  • Evan

    yay the video ad is gone

    • Dang it, where was it? Was it in one of the rectangle ad spaces?

      Sometimes, my ad networks just kinda drop the ball on filtering out those things.

      • Evan

        it was right above the "recent things i've enjoyed" section on the left side.
        i noticed it for maybe 2 days. now its showing me an EVE online ad. silent and ignorable…

  • Charles

    You had girls in your programming class? And they were recognizable as women? On top of that they were "cute"?! Where is this mythical place?

    • Christina

      The myth is that there aren't any attractive female programmers >-<

      • Paul

        I'm married to a beautiful woman I met in programming class 9 years ago! They do indeed exist 🙂

  • Anthony

    i love your comics they are silly, clean, and simpily enjoyable. its like somthing you can put on a sunday paper.

  • SuZume~

    Singleton and Factory are probably the only ones out of the 15-20 patterns I've ever really used. On the other hand I'm more into functional programming languages like Haskell. @Justin: I completed Just Cause 2 up to the point where nothing is shown on the map anymore (98.19%) – Proof here: (http://data.imagup.com/12/1163605319.png). Any games you can recommend now? :3

    • Nicely done!

      Hmmmmm, Fallout: New Vegas was a great game and recently, I've really enjoyed Bastion. Both are great for some game-playing times.

  • CAV

    Ive borrowed a couple of my notes to a couple classmates… but ever since Ive always wondered what the think of me cuz of my doodles… perhaps something along the lines of mentally unstable and in dire need of a psychiatrist?…

  • Mr. Blocky

    this gives me hope

  • Omega

    Justin. Could I get an invite to that group?
    also added on steam. http://www.steamcommunity/id/raveloid

  • Catherine

    This reminded me of the time I was drawing a (very realistic) penis on my copy of The Canterbury Tales in a tutorial once, then the teacher borrowed my book to read off. He didn't react so I'll never know if he saw it but the memory fills me with shame and giggles.

  • hikaru

    Bubble tea *Q* yum!!

  • Dylan

    "oh man, oh man, oh manny man" is now and forever what i say when i'm in trouble. i've been doing it since I first read this comic two years ago

  • Madame Kagamine