• SouthOfHeaven97

    That face in the third panel is just plain awesome.

  • asdasd

    Where do I sign up to go to this place.

  • It's not that people haven't thought of it before, but not many people are willing to flesh out such an "odd" system. This sounds like something that Jane Mcgonigal would advocate, adding gaming elements into real-life jobs 🙂

  • Fan of Bread

    I'm wearing that shirt today!!!

  • Zera

    I ordered my shirt a few days ago. It should be here soon. I'm going to wear it every Tuesday and Thursday Justin.

  • I fear we'd just get used to it.. and every boss has another boss above them making them do dumb things, because the higher you go the more out of touch you get.. and the less you actually deal with reality @[email protected]
    but I made MY job more fun by doing it from home! .. and.. making 40 percent less money.. but still!

  • meklu

    Bug-free commit? I call buggy test suite.