In Shape
  • SouthOfHeaven97

    Thats actually pretty cool, it would save a lot of time for me.
    Hell I want poor class scheduling.

  • Kyle

    Sweaty kid is me… minus the smartness. Walking to class in the summer heat of Phoenix will always make you sweat

  • Alphonse

    If the prof keeps saying stuff like that, nobody is going to like sweaty kid. And people already probably dislike him a little for smelling up the place. =/

    Also, Bastion is wonderful. I need to replay it sometime soon… or at least listen to Terminal March 100 times so I feel like I played it. 😀

  • Ahh Bastion… have you reached the point where you start hearing the narrator in your head describing your everyday actions?

    …I wish I have Bastion to play with too 🙁

  • Marcello

    I think I'm sweaty kid too!

  • Russell

    Brings me back to my poorly scheduled college classes! Only mine were all about the complexities of humanities.

  • No matter how many times i play Dead Space 2 through….. it still makes me jump even though i know a necromorph is about to jump out that vent right in front of me.

    • I've made it a habit to do telekinesis to every body on the ground just to make sure they are actually dead. I've been scared twice so far by "dead necromorphs" on the ground. Never again.

  • Chris Kopcow

    I wish teachers could call people "Sweaty Kid" without the threat of lawsuit or whatever.

  • Jockohomo

    I have the opposite of that. "Alright, next class is on the other side of campus and I have to be there in………. Seriously? Five hours? Who the hell planned this shit? Oh yeah, I did."

  • Bonzai

    God I love this one so much I think it is my favorite. I rush even if I won't be late because if too many people beat me there I get anxiety from everyone looking at me walk in.

  • Cori

    What's worse than being the sweaty kid running across campus from class to class?

    Being the sweaty instructor running across campus from class to class. It sucks, and I feel for the students stuck doing that, too.

  • Duth Olec

    I activated good planning powers in my last semester, giving myself half an hour to walk to each class.
    And 2 of my 3 walks are through foresty area!

  • Sloopydoop

    I used to lived about a mile away from campus and would walk to class. I was ALWAYS the sweaty kid. I had a person ask "did you run to class?" No..I'm just fat and out of shape. Walking a normal pace in texas heat would kick my ass.

    • Silverwolf

      It's not the Texas heat you have to deal with. Texas heat is dry and managable. It's the heat that you get from surrounding states that you have to deal with. It's muggy and miserable. Trust me, I'm from Texas.

      • Miasma

        Depends on where you are in Texas. Austin air is comparably more dry than, say, Houston air (which is usually high in humidity).

  • ArkhamTexan

    I'm going through Dead Space 2 myself at the moment. I love that we're being scared together. Before we get killed, let us try to be like sweaty kid and sweat… with FEAR!

  • poops

    I just wanted to point out that there's a bit of strange grammar in panel 3?

    "like, 1.5 miles away other side?"

    maybe I just can't wrap my head around it?

    • Nero

      I think it's supposed to be "like,1.5-miles-away other side?".
      Also, this comic reminds me of my old high school, where my schedule always had me go up and down 3 stories on the stairs. It was honestly painful to go up those things. I walk up the stairs anywhere and any height and I only get tired after a while. The stairs over there,though, made me worn out after going to the 2nd floor. It wasn't just me, the other kids complained too, and so did the teachers.

      • poops

        ahh, I see now. thanks!

      • I'll adjust the comic officially to avoid any future confusion!

  • bruudwin

    "dude you're in great shape! no freshman 15 for you!"

    you mean no freshman is for you?

    I'm born n raised here in U.S.A and rereading this over n over again has made my whole life of grammar (or lack thereof) gone to poot.

    assuming that is a S or a 5?

    hehe good one today! I'm now a college student (well 2nd year) and I can understand the poor scheduling here! 😀

  • That's how my freshman year was. I had classes first on one side, then on the other side of campus (although I usually had a few hours between them). I'd speedwalk (well, that's really my normal speed) to each class, and when I did badly on tests/assignments/etc., instead of pigging out in the cafeteria, I'd eat a bunch of spinach and salads. No freshman 15 for me!

  • Scott

    Man… the secret panel made me remember how much I dislike Big O complexity problems…