New Thing
  • SouthOfHeaven

    Cool. What colors does he come in?

    • CommanderCooper

      Depends on the service that delivers it.

  • Starchie

    The battery life is pretty good, and he updates quite regularly.

  • passerby

    Too bad you can't sell it to the once was state-of-the-art things store and get a new one

  • Magnets in diapers, coils of wire around every doorway. Boom.

  • Marcello

    Hahaha, reminds me of my nephew

  • Chris Kopcow

    You have to charge it like three times a day though with "food."

  • I like

    Sadly, you have to manually update that thing. If you leave it alone, it'll be immature forever.

    • How to update the firmware on the darn things? I feel like I've tried everything!

  • Harnessing the energy of children for power sounds like the beginning of a dystopia. Or maybe I'm thinking of "Monsters, Inc…"

  • Brynn

    Am I the only one at first who at first thought that child was a robot?
    Man, Japan is really influencing me! D:

  • spelling is it

    W… what's a dag? ;-;

  • hikaru

    Hey 😀 i have one of those new things. Its been a year since i had it, and its been running around the house and leaving dirty diapers everywhere. It never sleeps until i hit the secret "off" button 🙂 such a trickster

  • Madame Kagamine


  • Dave_Harmon

    Weirdly enough, they now are developing clothing that can generate electricity from the wearer’s movements. Downside: You really don’t want to attach your iThing to a toddler….