It’s So New!
  • Dopple

    How big was it?

  • Jim

    Because we need a new smart phone every time a new one comes out.

  • arghdos

    Brainstorm invisible bread (brainbread?) is awesome.

    I just got laptop shoes… now if I was only able to draw.

    I guess this ( will have to do

  • JoAnn

    That tool can be very dangerous indeed. I got "Butt, It can be squishy sometimes," and "Girl, How is your battery life."

    • alex

      Oh man, best pickup line ever

  • Bonzai

    "Nail, you sit on it."
    Also, the perspective on the pyramid in the 3rd panel makes it seem like 2D objects are obsolete, which is funny as hell.

  • JoAnn

    "Shower, poop happens there" EEWWWW!!! I think this comic tool may be defective.

  • ALWS

    The dog rooting through the trash asks him to please dump his useless things next door. The man looks next to the garbage receptacle at the cliff. He looks over the cliff into the ocean.
    "But, dog!" he says. "That's littering! Or at least pollution! …But who am I to question a talking dog."
    "Directly down from the cliff is a landfill." The man walks to the cliff, looks down, and sees the landfill. He begins to throw it. "And dogs can't talk," the animal in the trash continues. "I'm a cat."
    Having no respect for talking cats, the man throws it into the dumpster.
    It hits the litterbug cat in the tail. "This is exactly why I ask people to discard it next door," she mutters.

  • Duth Olec

    Really? The WHOOAOAOAOAOA, be careful! gave me "Clouds, water comes out of them"? I write about that all the time and it's not even comics that I'm writing.
    Car, This isn't big enough; I also deal with that when riding in the car that used to be owned by my Grandma.
    Bird, Pancake; THERE WE GO
    (Does the random meter even do anything becaues Not that random gave me "People, They have meat in them" which I guess while TRUE is also an incredibly random thing to say. Now I'm hungry for some bird pancakes and people bacon.)

    • Trust me my man, it does stuff =) Site is still prototype phase pretty much.

  • I was given Butt (Kitchen).

    Mr. Boyd, you are a genius.

  • asdasd

    Stock Market Snake.

    • asdasd


  • cavpollos

    Nice thing the Link thingy. Thankfully, ive only had a drawing block once XP

    If Im not wrong there is a more random version on spanish were two random words/ideas are mashed together. Most of the time they dont make sense, hehe. Link:

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  • Los post me agradaron bastante mas todo hay que decirlo 🙂

  • Google

  • weegee93

    awwwwww the brainstorm thingie got turned off!

  • Mineblock5000

    Please bring back the brainstorm generator thing!